About Us

Optimal Wellness Pharmacy is a different kind of pharmacy. Our pharmacists, Dr. Diep-Kwei, Pharm.D., and Dr. Schilli, Pharm.D., have over 40 years of combined clinical experience in Psychiatric Pharmacology, Geriatric Medicine, Custom Compound, Chronic Disease Management, Anti-Aging & Restorative Medicine, and pharmacy frontPharmacogenomics. Through our clinical and managing experiences at complex pharmacy operations in various health settings, we understand excellence of care starts first with patient safety and staff commitment to quality of services: from prescription services to the compounding of medication and eventual patient consultation and monitoring.

Optimal Wellness Pharmacy provides:

  • Personalized Medication Therapy consultations for individuals who have multiple chronic illnesses, especially older individuals who are at higher risks of adverse reactions or those on high-risk medications
  • Ensure safe integration of allopathic and functional approaches in the treatment and prevention of diseases through appropriate selection of medications and nutritional supplements
  • Nutritional & Hormonal needs evaluation
  • Individualized pharmaceutical services through prescription compounding services for improved patient’s tolerance of treatment and optimal health outcomes
  • Individualized genetic testing to ensure safe therapeutic choices and patient safety
  • Patient Education seminars and individual therapy consultation
  • Immunization and Travel Health Services
  • Collaboration with health organizations and physicians to ensure positive patient outcomes
  • Physicians & Specialists’ referral services
  • ePrescribing and EMR