Dr. Katherine Diep-Kwei, PharmD., CGP.

Dr. Diep-KweiDr. Diep-Kwei is one of the few pharmacists in the country who specializes in “functional medicine”. This new approach to medicine goes deeper, addressing the root cause of disease instead of just dealing with the symptoms. Dr. Diep-Kwei is sought after by those individuals seeking new and different perspectives on their unresolved aches, pains, and other discomforts.

Having earned her Pharm.D degree from U.S.C. in 1992, Dr. Diep-Kwei’s passionate pursuit of the truth behind causes of disease has never stopped.

A resident in Irvine since 2008, Dr Diep-Kwei has long envisioned to give back to the community. The pharmacy has hosted free seminars monthly on health topics such as Alzheimer, diabetes and heart disease for local residents, to educate and promote preventive treatments.

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