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15 min to Your Personal Wellness Breakthrough: How we correct critical flaws and find areas of improvement in your medication

Optimal Wellness Pharmacy offers Comprehensive Medication Therapy Review and Management Services

The pharmacists here at Optimal Wellness Pharmacy are true medication experts, available to meet with you upon appointment to work with you and your unique medication situation and needs. A consultation with one of our trained pharmacy staff can correct critical medication flaws and find areas of improvement in medication blends for truly life-changing results for you and your loved ones. By working with you in this way,  we are able to maintain or improve you quality of life- even reverse or stop further health complications, as well as reduce overall health care costs to individuals, health plans or organizations.

What is a Consultant Pharmacist?

At Optimal Wellness Pharmacy we are often asked, “What is a Consultant Pharmacist?”

Trained professionals at Optimal Wellness Pharmacy are able to  provide advice on the use of medications of older adults, in a variety of settings in Irvine, California, and around the US.

Regardless of where you are located, we are able to offer our consulting services over the phone. To learn more, visit our page: Consulting Services