There’s a huge health problem affecting millions of Americans every day, and it’s hidden right in front of our eyes, in plain sight. It’s called Junk light. These days, we are surrounded by artificial man-made lights. They shine on us from the moment we wake up in the morning to the moment we go to bed at night. These artificial lights, which include fluorescent bulbs, televisions, and even the screens of our computers and phones bombard us with harsh, damaging high-frequencies wavelengths of light! These lights can do a number of harmful things to our bodies including messing with our circadian rhythms. That can throw your whole system, mind and body, out of whack. Junk light may very well be a major contributor to your headaches, brain fog, exhaustion, irritability, and trouble sleeping. TrueDark is simply the solution. TrueDark glasses are designed to filter the light our eyes are exposed to and reset our body’s natural equilibrium. Take a look, I think these have an amazing amount of potential to improve your overall health, wellness, and performance.

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