At Optimal Wellness Pharmacy we are often asked, “What is a Consultant Pharmacist?”

Trained professionals at Optimal Wellness Pharmacy are able to  provide advice on the use of medications of older adults, in a variety of settings in Irvine, California, and around the US.

Regardless of where you are located, we are able to offer our consulting services over the phone. To learn more, visit our page: Consulting Services

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Share this helpful infographic from our friends at the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists to spread the word about the role of consultant and senior care pharmacists, like us!

Our customers love getting personalized recommendations before purchasing a product in-store in our online shop. Here is a review posted on our Facebook page from a happy customer who recently received our consulting services.

Happy customer review (as displayed on our Facebook page):

 08/16/2014 Thank you Dr. Kate for a great phone consultation! It was so easy to set up a meeting time and you did a great assessment of my Husband’s overall health. The B Complex is really helping his overall energy. The best part was being able to go right to your online store and purchase one of the items you suggested! 

-Laura, New York

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