Compounding For Children’s Needs

Children can struggle taking medications for a variety of reasons.  Examples of these limitations may include difficulty with swallowing pills or even not being able to stand the bitter tasting prescriptions.  At optimal wellness we have a variety of compounding options to tailor medications to your needs. Some of the unique options we offer to help include:

  • Liquid Formulations of Medications: We can create flavored syrups or suspensions of medications that traditionally come in pill form for kids that struggle swallowing
  • Troches or Lollipops: Can help create a sensation that medication is like candy, we make flavored lozenges of all kinds making taking medication more bearable in both appearance and taste
  • Rapid Dissolving Tablets:  Sometimes it is difficult to know if kids are really taking their medicine when it is given to them.  With a rapid dissolving tablet it quickly dissolves in the mouth within 15-30 seconds requiring no swallowing giving peace of mind.
  • Suppositories: If oral medication delivery is too much of a burden, suppositories can be made which ensure kids receive their medications in a safe effective manner
  • Allergen Free Formulations: Many children has sensitivities to certain additives used in medications; we can create alternative formulations that are better tolerated and have the same therapeutic results

All of the medications taken by mouth are available in a variety of flavors including cherry, lemon, Vanilla, Strawberry, Grape, and many others. We are happy to work with you and your doctor to create formulations that would be best for you and your loved ones.  Please feel free to contact our pharmacy if you have any questions.