Compounding for Pets

Caring for your pet can be challenging given the limited medication options available commercially.  Customized medications created by our team can help with numerous disease states that many of your pets suffer from to give them the care they deserve.  Some examples may include:   

  • Allergies, Dermatitis, Heart Failure, Cushings, Cancer, Hypothyroidism, fleas and ticks, and many more

With our compounding services we can create medication formulations that you need to help get your animals the medication they need.  We can create a variety of dosage forms including:

  • Pastes, treats, rapidly dissolving tablets, syrup, flavored capsules, Syrups, and many more options

To make these medications appetizing to your pet we offer a variety of flavoring options as well.  Here is a list of some the flavors we offer.

  • Beef, Cheese, Chicken, Liver, Fish, Alfalfa, Cherry, Apple, Carrots, Molasses and many more

Please feel free to contact our pharmacy if you have any questions we are happy to work with your veterinarian to create medication options that would suit your pets.  Don’t Forget to check out our wide variety of holistic pet supplies featuring all natural products including anti-oxidants, probiotics, enzymes, bone support, and skin care products.  Some of the brands we feature include Vivo Animals, Thorne Research, Standard Process, Wonderaide, Vetri Science, Solvereign Silver, Rx Vitamins for pets and Natural Opthalmics.