Personalized Medication Therapy

Dr. Diep-Kwei

Personalized medication therapy management (PMTM) is a specialized pharmacy service aiming to assist individuals in the management of their chronic health conditions and optimizing their health.

Optimal Wellness Pharmacy offers Comprehensive Medication Therapy Review and Management Services

Our pharmacists at Optimal Wellness Pharmacy are true medication experts, available to meet with you by appointment to work with you and your unique medication situation and needs. A consultation with one of our trained staff pharmacists can correct critical medication flaws and find areas of improvement in medication blends for truly life-changing results for you and your loved ones. By working with you in this way, we are able to maintain or improve your quality of life — and even reverse or stop further health complications, as well as reduce overall healthcare costs to individuals, health plans or organizations.

Ask for our Medication Safety Check questionnaire or read below to determine if you or your loved ones can benefit from our Comprehensive Medication Therapy Review and Management services.

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Happy customer review (as displayed on our Facebook page):

 08/16/2014 Thank you Dr. Kate for a great phone consultation! It was so easy to set up a meeting time and you did a great assessment of my Husband’s overall health. The B Complex is really helping his overall energy. The best part was being able to go right to your online store and purchase one of the items you suggested! 

-Laura, New York


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