Optimal Wellness Pharmacy offers Comprehensive Medication Therapy Review and Management Services

The pharmacists here at Optimal Wellness Pharmacy are true medication experts, available to meet with you upon appointment to work with you and your unique medication situation and needs. A consultation with one of our trained pharmacy staff can correct critical medication flaws and find areas of improvement in medication blends for truly life-changing results for you and your loved ones. By working with you in this way,  we are able to maintain or improve you quality of life- even reverse or stop further health complications, as well as reduce overall health care costs to individuals, health plans or organizations.

Ask for our Medication Safety Check questionnaire or read below to determine if you or loved one should benefit from our Comprehensive Medication Therapy Review and Management services.

According to national statistics, the inappropriate use of medications and fully preventable medication-related adverse events (ADE’s) are responsible for an estimated of 3.5 million of physician office visits, 1 million emergency care visits and 125,000 hospitalizations each year! The problem is rampant- responsible for about of 1/3 of all hospital adverse events (over 50% in the those over the age of 55) and impacts up to 2 million of  all hospital stays every year.

As a result of Adverse Drug-related Events, patients and their families suffer significant harm and lower quality of life, and a serious financial burden is placed on the nation’s health care system- at an estimated cost of 5.6 million per hospital per year and from $677 to $9,000 for each patient, depending on the ADE type. (1)

Who would benefit most from Optimal Wellness Pharmacy’s Comprehensive Medication Therapy Review and Management Services?

  • Patients with multiple medical diagnoses and/or on more than 5 medications or more than 12 doses per day for chronic disease management
  • Patients that are 65 years of age and up. It is no secret that as we age, medication effects us differently. There are many physiological, enzymatic and hormonal differences associated with age related-physical changes over time. At both sides of the age spectrum (the younger and the older) there is a higher risk developing ADE’s. According to researches, elderly patients particularly are 7 times more likely than younger patients to experience critical ADE’s that require emergency care & hospitalization. (2)
  • Patients that are on medications with narrowed therapeutic index and are associated with critical ADE’s: Anticoagulants, Diabetic medications, Anti-Seizure medications, Anti- Arrhythmic medications (including Digoxin & Beta-Blockers), Anti-Depressants, Anxiolytics, medications to treat gastric & esophageal reflux disorders on prolonged basis, oral antifungal medications such as Ketoconazole, and Opioid pain meds. Elderly patients are also much more prone to side effects of medications in the Beer’s list.
  • Patients utilizing prescription drugs as well as natural supplements on routine basis. Even the best of intentions can arrive at a harmful place. Indiscriminate use of contra-indicated combinations of prescriptions and natural supplements can and have caused significant health issues for many.
  •  Patients with history of significant ADEs in the past. These patients may benefit from recommended genetic testing to determine optimal choice of therapeutic agents.
  • Patients with recent hospitalization or transition between different care settings and environments.
  • Patients unable to adhere or follow prescribed treatment regimen, or those remained unresponsive to current prescribed medication regimens.
  • Patients utilizing multiple physicians and dispensing pharmacies.
  • Patients who prefer the use of natural medicines over prescription medications. Dr. Diep-Kwei’s training in Functional Medicine approach can assist these patients with non-prescription alternatives.
  • Patients that experience changes in conditions that may be related to an ADE.

If your or your loved ones fall into one of the above categories, we can help. Ask any of our pharmacy staff to assist you making an appointment with our qualified pharmacists for a 15- minute preliminary free-of-charge consultation. Learn more about pricing and your options for our Consultation Services.

1. Medication-Related Adverse Outcomes in U.S. Hospitals and Emergency Departments, 2008. HCUP Statistical Brief #109. April 2011. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD. Available from: http://www.hcup-us.ahrq.gov/reports/statbriefs/sb109.pdf

2. Budnitz DS, Lovegrove MC, Shehab N, Richards CL. Emergency hospitalizations for adverse drug events in older Americans. N Engl J Med. 2011;365(21):2002-12.